5 Benefits of Buying Vintage

5 Benefits of Buying Vintage

Vintage is not just second hand clothing. Vintage is clothing with a history. And I started with this because I definitely have mixed feelings about these two words - Used and Vintage -. What I mean with it is that Vintage is not only your grandma's passed trend, or that Forever 21 dress someone bought 2 years ago and give it to you, it's a lot more than that. Vintage clothing (besides my fave benefits of buying vintage) is your choice to wear something different and to have fun and get creative with your outfits. Here you have the extra bonus: 

1. Uniqueness- It's almost imposible that you'll see someone wearing your same vintage dress. My favorite thing about Vintage is that you would have something unique and that you don't have to stressed out thinking that someone is going to have your same outfit in a party. Hell yeah!  

2. Quality- This was not mass production, this was more like a hand made card for christmas, more personal. The quality of the silk or cotton, the textured textiles, and the prints are- by far- superior to the synthetic blends that you bought in retail shops today. 

3. Environment- Yes, you're going green when you use Vintage clothing. You're actually reducing trash and helping the environment. Technically you're reusing an outfit and reviving it with a fresh look. We don't need more pollution or toxins. Thank you!

4. Collectible- If you're wearing vintage then you're wearing a piece of art. One of the best advantages of buying vintage is that it can be considered a collectible, just like art. If you buy a good vintage item, it's for sure that in the future it will gain more value. Yes, now you have the perfect excuse to run and buy that vintage dress you love and tell everyone that is an investment ;)

5. History- Fashion history is fantastic and very interesting, but there's nothing like the feeling you get when you wear a 1950's dress. No matter what, you feel like a total lady- elegant, chic and classy. Vintage items had a past life before getting into your hands. Almost every vintage piece you find will have it's own story so I love to imagine a girl having her first date in one of the vintage dresses that I have in my closet or dancing all over a great concert with my "new" pair of bell bottoms, for example. It's fun to think of the experiences and adventures your pieces has gone through. Don't you think?






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