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María Blackchurch for Len.T.juela

I hold immense admiration for Maria's exceptional work and the impeccable craftsmanship she brings to the table. It fills me with immense joy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her on this project.

In this partnership, I entrusted Maria with a collection of vintage pieces adorned with minor imperfections, with the aim of breathing new life into them. The selection and mix of fabrics added by her make each of these pieces absolutely unique and special. Her astute eye for detail shines through in the magnificent outcome, a true testament to her extraordinary talent.

I hope you all enjoy the beauty and transformation of this very special collection.

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HUELE A: Len.T.juela

Let's start saying that I'm a huge fan of HUELE A. Love the brand and love the quality of the products.

The concept behind "HUELE A: Len.T.juela" originated during a workshop conducted by Karinna, the brilliant mind behind HUELE A, at our studio. It was a remarkable experience as I had the privilege to curate my very own scented candle by blending together a few of my favorite fragrances. The results of the fusion captivated me so much that I approached Karinna with the idea of creating and sharing this unique candle with all of you. The perfect blend between sandalwood and grapefruit takes me on a sensory journey to the sun-drenched Mediterranean coastlines. It's a perfect melange to infuse any space with an inviting ambiance. I genuinely hope that you love it as much as we do.


"La Cena" by Novilla Home

In my home, dinner time always held great significance. My mom would set the table with a beautiful tablecloth and loved to bring out different sets of dishes on special holidays. When I first saw the work of Novilla Home, it immediately transported me back to those family memories. During a conversation with Marlene (creator of Novilla Home), we talk about family gatherings during Christmas time and the traditions that many Puerto Ricans hold. From that conversation, the idea emerged to create a collection of embroidered tablecloths and napkins representing elements that are integral to our dinner traditions. I designed the concept for this idea, and Marlene brought it to life with her expertise in selecting materials and exquisite finishes. This collection means the bond of family, those moments with friends that become like family, and ultimately, the traditions that are uniquely ours. We sincerely hope you enjoy it. ¡Salú!

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