Juan Del Pueblo

JuandelPuebl0, a visionary project initiated in 2015, seeks to convey profound ideas and symbolism through expansive murals, offering the community accessible insights. The objective is to transform these works into educational tools that transcend the contemporary distractions of our society, fostering a deeper connection with meaningful narratives.

Specializing in pointillism, I allow the vibrancy and contrast of points to guide the completion of each piece. Nature stands as my paramount muse, influencing my creations on murals, canvases, and in the realm of digital art.

I find joy in intertwining natural elements with femininity to emphasize the strength inherent in femininity. Challenging societal stigmas surrounding men embracing this facet, I draw inspiration from nature’s impartiality, where expression takes myriad forms without judgment.

As an artist, my mission is to provoke a reflection on the notion that true presence implies recognizing that our path as a species is dictated by the natural, not the other way around. I aspire to resonate with those who distance themselves from it, serving as a reminder that nature, in its unlimited forms, continues to be our last source of inspiration and guidance.